Monthly Archives: September 2015

The great outdoors.


We have been chalking pictures of our favourite things today. What is your favourite thing?

We have been practicing our agility today with a slalom. How fast can you run?


We have been counting leaves, sticks and pieces of bark today. How many pieces of bark can you see?
The ‘c’ sound was our focus today. Look out of your window, how many things which have a ‘c’ can you see?


We are making a class book to give to Mr Satoor letting him know what is in our class and what they like doing. What do you like doing?

When I grow up!

 Today we have been talking about our aspirations and what we want to do when we grow up. 
We have been practicing threading our beads to build up our finger muscles for writing! How many beads can you count?
We have been practicing following instructions whilst doing some exercise. We each took turns being the leader and directing the other children.

We have talked about what we would like to be when we grow up. Can you guess what Annabel would like to be?

We have been practicing our number formation using chalk. How many numbers can you write?
Our focus sound for today has been ‘g’ how many words in this blog post can you see that starts with the sound ‘g’?


As a key stage we look at things we enjoy doing in school. Some of the things we enjoy are writing, using the chalk, riding the bikes and playing with our friends. What do you enjoy doing in school?


Jackson enjoys playing with the dinosaur puzzle. 

We understand that some children don’t enjoy happy times like Christmas because they don’t have the things we do. We have started collecting coins to save to buy these children Christmas presents so they can have a good Christmas! Can you bring some money in to fill our jars?


We have been drawing pictures of ourselves and writing a sentence about our favourite thing to do. What’s your favourite thing to do?

Our year 1s painted their shields following the design the created last week. Which one is your favourite?


We have been following instructions. Can you see what we have been making.

We explored the outside area and collected leaves. What season do the leaves fall off the trees?


This is our final creation! Did you know hedgehogs are nocturnal?  
We have been painting our letters and numbers around the outside area to practice our mark making.

We found an insect egg on a leaf today! What do you think could be inside?

Using the resources.

We have laid the papier-mâché foundation for our shields!

 We have been using our marking making to follow the shapes. Can you keep your pen between the lines.

We have been practicing the movement to our story. What animal movements can you remember?

 The year 1s haven been using the cubes to find ways to make 10, 20 and 30! Do you know the number bonds to 10?

We have been reading to ourselves and our friends. How many books have you read?

Moving and making!


We have been looking for animals in our classroom and outside in our area. Did you see any animals?


Dino’s birthday cards were all mixed up! Luckily our receptions were there to put them back in age order again! 


Our year 1s have been bossing each other around using instructional language. Can you think of a simple instruction to make your parents do?


We have been practicing our moving and jumping using our maths and number knowledge! How high can you jump?

We have been designing our shields ready to make tomorrow. Do you know what style of shield these are?

Thinking about animals and movements.

Animals were the focus for today’s learning!
We used our fingers to count the little ducks who went missing. Can you sing the song?

We practiced our animal movements alongside the song. Can you turn your head like a penguin?

We looked at our numbers to 20 outside today. How high can you count?

The year 1s wrote a story based on an animal in literacy. Can you make up a story?

As we are coming into autumn, we created some autumn leaf prints to explore the colours. Can you see any signs of autumn outside yet?