Monthly Archives: October 2015

I hope everyone is enjoying their half term holiday so far. I am so pleased with the way the children have settled into school over this first half term. We have been working on building their independence and sometimes it’s hard to imagine that they have only been in school for 7 weeks as they are doing so well. I’m sure you’re all very proud.
Next week we will be learning all about bonfire night and using fireworks as inspiration for artwork and expanding our vocabulary. We will be creating 3d fireworks for a display using junk resources. It would be great if you could save any toilet roll tubes, boxes, silver foil, milk bottle lids etc. and bring them into school to help us. We’re basically after anything bright, sparkly and exciting for the children to really get engaged with the work, so anything you have that you think could help would be gratefully received and used!
We are also planning to set up a music line in the mud kitchen. I have added a photo to this blog post so you can see the sorts of things we are after. Obviously it’s just old stuff we’re after, not your favourite saucepan set!
Many thanks for your continued support,
Miss Lomas



Big and small

We have been ordering the autumn leaves based on their size. Can you order something from biggest to smallest?

We have been talking about and showing our different emotions. Can you guess these children’s emotions?

We have been making ourselves bigger and smaller using movements. How big can you be? How small can you make yourself?


Nearly all of our learning today involved potatoes!

In our cooking today we made potato salad. We used 4 ingredients: new potatoes, spring onion, mayonnaise and lemon juice. Do you think it will taste delicious?


We have been using cut potatoes to make potato print shape pictures. What shapes can you see?

Recycling and building our future.

Today we talked about how it is not only imporrant to look after ourselves, but also the planet!   

As a class we talked about why it is so important to recycle and what happens when things are recycled. The year 1s made a picture out of recycled materials. What things can you recycle at home?



Using the 2D and 3D shapes we built sturucters we’d like to live in when we are older. How high can you build a tower?

We also talked about how important it is to look after ourselves and keep ourselves fit and healthy, so we used our gym! What sports and activities do you like doing?

Sorting shapes.



 The year 1s worked together to sort shapes into different categories. How could you sort the shapes?


The receptions used a feely bag today to help them think about the shapes they could feel and the properties they could use to describe it for their friend to guess. What shape has 3 sides and is pointy?


The rectangle shape has connected together our learning today.

On rectangle shaped pieces of paper we wrote a sentence about something we like to do to add to our display. What do you like doing?

We made shape pictures today using our resources. What picture did you make using the shapes?

In P.E. We were practicing jumping and landing correctly so we could jump safely off the logs. Can you see the shape the body is making?

Shapes in the environment

 Today we have been looking for shapes in our outside learning area. What shapes can you see?  




Our year 1s have been describing shapes to their friends today using shape properties. What words would you use to describe a square?

Healthy muffins

Today we have been making the cake batter for healthy carrot and courgette muffins. We also added to sultanas to give it extra taste. We will be taste testing them on Monday. Do you think you’ll like them?


Today we have been practicing our jumping and balancing. 


Can you guess what type of jumps these are? 

Today we were story sequencing The Hungry Caterpillar.  Can you remember what came first? 

Our senses.


The year 1s today were thinking about how they could describe a setting for their story. We went outside and came up with description words for each of the 5 senses. Can you name the 5 senses?  
The receptions were back in the mud kitchen creating even more recipes for our class mud kitchen recipe book. What do you think the very hungry caterpillar might like to eat?

Classes 1 and 2 were very luck to have had a year 6 read an Eric Carle book to them. Why do you think he chose to read an Eric Carle book?

We were looking at the ‘r’ sound today, and seeing how many words we can think of which start with the ‘r’ sound and contain the letters we already know. Can you read the 2 words on the board?