Monthly Archives: November 2015

Practicing our skills!

We have had an exciting day learning about the days of the week, testing our phonics knowledge and making snowflakes, trees and cards to decorate our classroom! Do your finger feel stronger after all of the careful cutting?


Muddy day!

We have had a very busy day at the farm baking, making, walking and looking at the animals! We had lots of fun and are now very tired!


Farm trip reminder.

Tomorrow is our farm trip so please make sure your child is on time and fully prepared. They will need to wear waterproofs, warm coats and hats, scarves and gloves. They will also need wellies for the farm and school shoes to change into when we get back to school.
See you all in the morning!

Letter writing.

We have been doing a lot of buying and money counting today, as well as practicing for our nativity and building our finger muscles.




 The year 1s wrote letters about what they have been learning this week which they took home.

Need our waterproofs!

After our wet start today, we huddled down and got on with our learning to keep ourselves busy!   
As our learning is on the Jolly Postman this week, we thought it would be good if we wrote the Jolly Postman a list to remind him of who he needs to deliver his letters to. Can you remember who he delivered a letter to?

We have been practicing adding up change ready for buying our Christmas presents!    

We have been looking at waterproof and non waterproof material today, and how we can make things waterproof. Which boat do you think will be waterproof? 
Our nativity is only a week away so we have been practicing really hard this afternoon!

The nativity

As we are very close to our nativity production, we would really appreciate it if you could practice the songs at home with your child.

All of the videos have the words on them so don’t worry if you don’t know them!

We are singing the first verse and chorus twice of ‘it was on a starry’, and the first 2 verses of ‘away in a manger’.

It was on a starry night

Little donkey

Away in a manger

We wish you a merry Christmas 

Frosty day

As today is so cold, all of our learning has been based inside! And we have been very busy!

As it is coming up to Christmas, we have been learning all about money! We have been looking at the value of coins and how we can combine coins to reach a total. Which coin would you like to have, 1p, 2, or 5p? Why?


Today we have been planting bulbs. What bulbs have you been planting this week?




Florence Nightingale

Today was our last day of learning about Florence Nightingale. We took soldiers who were in the hospital, we wrote our Florence Nightingale fact files and planted poppy seeds to remind us of those who fought in the war. Do you know what the hospitals were like when Florence Nightingale was a nurse?

Building our muscles

We have had a very busy day building up our brain, finger and body muscles. We were practicing our froggy fingers and letter formation on the big floor, testing our subtraction knowledge with subtraction bingo and finger maths and moving our bodies in P.E.

Do you feel stronger?