Monthly Archives: December 2015

Christmas homework

Miss Lomas and I would really appreciate it if over the holiday you could help your child build a moving toy ready for a display a sour next topic is toys. Here is a copy of the homework letter.



Just in time for Christmas

our bulbs have begun to grow little shoots just in time for us to take them home! Please don’t forget to water them so they can grow!   

Finger gym

we have been making our finger muscles nice and strong today by cutting, folding and bending! The year 1s have been flexing the brain muscles by following instructions as well!


Christmas dinner

Today was our Christmas dinner! We all thought it was very delicious and we even tried Christmas pudding and mince pies! And it was the biggest number of diners we’ve had this yes, with only 2 people not having one of our delicious dinners! What was your favourite bit of the lunch?


Party preparations 

We have been writing our invitations to the other children in the class to invite them to our Christmas party. Who do you want to invite?


We learnt today that you need to use a net to make 3D shapes. We know we have to be very careful when cutting, following the lines but not cut off the tabs! What 3D shape do you think this net will make?

Shapes shapes everywhere!

Today we have been looking at 3D Shapes and how we can draw, stack and make them. Do you know how to make a 3D shape?

Fitting together

Today we have been investigating how 2D and 3D shapes and how they fit together. Can you find anything in your house which fits together?


Phonics fun

             We have been doing lots of hard work in our phonics today! We have been practicing reading our tricky words, finding initial sounds using the games and in our books and building our finger muscles and froggy … Continue reading

Letters to Santa

With Christmas just 3 weeks away we decided it was best to write our Christmas letters to Santa. We asked for 3 things we really wanted, using the sounds we know and our froggy fingers.