Monthly Archives: February 2016


Big write

The year ones today have done a big write in literacy. They had to write in full sentences, remembering capital letters and full stops as they are our focus learning for this week. Can you spot the capital letters and … Continue reading


Look at our writing!

Our fingers are stronger than ever and we’ve been practicing our Froggy fingers so our writing is getting really good! We think hard about the sounds in the word by segmenting them, and think concentrate on what the letters and … Continue reading


Bear sleep over!

Because our learning this week has been all about Merrythought and teddy bears, we thought it would be a good idea to bring in our favourite teddies in to show everyone and share our learning with! Some of the bears … Continue reading


Teddy bears

We have been learning about the Merrythought toy factory this week. Because we all love learning about and playing with teddy bears, we though it would be a good idea if the children brought in their own tedy Bears to … Continue reading


Ball control

Our P.D for this half term is football! We had lots of fun passing the ball to one another, remembering to not use our hands to stop the ball. How do you properly stop the ball? And which part of … Continue reading


Funky finger activities

We are concentrating on making our fingers really strong this half term! We have been trying and completing the table top activities Miss White has set up for us! We practiced threading beads, making patterns with pegs and writing our … Continue reading

Half term reminder!

This is a reminder that half term is next week! We hope you have a very exciting half term and I am looking forward to hearing all about them when we come back! See you on Monday 22nd February.