Monthly Archives: April 2016

Pirate poem

We have been looking at our class pirate poem this week, thinking about what the words mean, what sound effects could be in there and making things to show the poem. What’s your favourite part of the poem?



Visiting our library

Class 2 and class 4 both visited the library together today to have a story and some quiet time. Why do we need to be quiet in a library?           


Things we need to live.

Today class 2 researched the different things we need to live. We talked about the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’, and that even if we had no toys we would still survive! There are 4 things we need to live… … Continue reading


Throwing and catching

In our P.E. today we practiced moving with the ball by bouncing it, throwing it and catching it. How high can you throw the ball and catch it?             


Plant, grow, cook, eat

For our farming Friday, we cooked with the vegetables we planted last week – radishes, lettuces and tomatoes. We made a very delicious salad! Which bit did you like the best?                  


Pirate flags

This afternoon we have been designing and making our pirate flags. Because they are going outside we can’t paint them! So we have used pva glue and dye to complete our flags. What will yours look like?             

Water painting

This morning we have been painting our numbers and sounds using water out in the sunshine. We practiced today igh sound and our numbers to 20. What sounds and numbers can you paint?