Monthly Archives: May 2016


Talking about what we have learnt

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The receptions reflected back on their mini beast houses and why the made them. We made a big learning sheet to display next half term showing all of the things we have learnt.


Building mini beast homes

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We took our time building mini beast homes by the logs, thinking hard about what materials we were going to use for the walls, roof and bed. What did you use?


Using natural materials

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We needed some natural materials to build our mini beasts from. We looked in the mud kitchen, log area and the forest to find our building materials. What did you find?


Mini beast hunt!

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This afternoon class 2 went on a mini beast hunt, looking at the different creatures we can build homes for. Which mini beasts did you see?


Visiting the library.

To have a bit of a rest after our very hard P.E session we visited the non-fiction library to look at the things that interest us. Some of us looked at pirates, some looked at sharks and some of us … Continue reading


Bean bag skills

In our P.E today we practiced throwing, catching and balancing bean bags on our reads and walking. We had lots of fun even though it was a bit tricky! Did you get a bean bag in the hoop?          … Continue reading


Noun phrases

This morning the year ones have been using noun phrases to describe the captain (Benjamin Hornigold) and the ship (the ranger). How did you describe the captain and the ship in your noun phrases.             


Throwing and catching

This afternoon we practiced our hand eye coordination skills with our friends, carefully and kindly throwing and catching balls and quoits to each other. We counted how many times we caught it in a row, and took a step back … Continue reading

Coordinates and directions

After making our huge treasure map yesterday, we decided to use it to find the treasure! Miss White drew grid lines onto the map and placed a piece of treasure into one of the squares, and it was up to us to guide our friends through to reach the treasure. We used directional words such as left, right, forward and backwards to guide our friends, and some of us had our eyes closed as we were being guided. Did you reach the treasure?



Finding out about pirates!

This morning the receptions have been researching pirates, finding out what they may have eaten and grown on their pirate ships. What do you think pirates may have eaten?