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Welcome back

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We have had lots of fun over the summer holidays but we are happy to be back at school, seeing our friends and finding out about what we will be learning this year. What are you looking forward to learning?


Using natural materials

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We needed some natural materials to build our mini beasts from. We looked in the mud kitchen, log area and the forest to find our building materials. What did you find?


Farm trip!

Don’t forget it is the farm trip tomorrow! You will need wellies and normal school shoes so we don’t make everywhere muddy!   


Mud cakes and planting

As part of our farming Friday, we dug in our vegetable patch and made mud cakes using the things we found, as well as planted any loose bulbs we found. What kind of cake did you make?               … Continue reading


Spring is here!

The sun is shining and the birds are tweeting and Spring is finally here! We walked around our outside learning areas to see which Spring signs we could see. What signs of Spring can you remember?             


Class 2, class 2, we’ve got to ask you, how does your garden grow?

With onion bulbs and garlic bulbs and shallots all in a row, and shallots all in a row! How can we use these vegetables in our cooking?             


What can we grow?

Today we looked at all the things we can grow for our cooking for the rest of the year. What would you like to grow?        


Just in time for Christmas

our bulbs have begun to grow little shoots just in time for us to take them home! Please don’t forget to water them so they can grow!   


Today we have been planting bulbs. What bulbs have you been planting this week?




How does your garden grow?

One of the courgette plants we bought at the plant sale is growing well in our garden. Yesterday we enjoyed looking at the beautiful yellow and orange flower but this morning it is closed. Do you know why the flower closed over night?