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Story time

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Now we are year 1 children we are practicing our reading and will take turns reading in story time each day. What do you want to read?


Welcome back

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We have had lots of fun over the summer holidays but we are happy to be back at school, seeing our friends and finding out about what we will be learning this year. What are you looking forward to learning?


Information texts

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The year 1s are preparing to write their own information texts on Friday, so we needed to find out what we need to include! We looked at the features and discussed what they are used for. What features can you … Continue reading


Rhyming words

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This week the reception children will be writing their own poem about the sea and the creatures that live in it. We need to remember that rhyming words have the same ending sound and need to come at the end … Continue reading



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This week the year 1s will be learning all about recounts. We wrote a recount this morning about what we did over the weekend and made sure we included temporal connectives. Which temporal connectives did you use?


Book reviews

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After reading all of the Elmer books we could get our hands on this week, we chose our favourite and wrote a book review. We made sure that record the title and author as well as the genre. We then … Continue reading


Visiting the library.

To have a bit of a rest after our very hard P.E session we visited the non-fiction library to look at the things that interest us. Some of us looked at pirates, some looked at sharks and some of us … Continue reading


Noun phrases

This morning the year ones have been using noun phrases to describe the captain (Benjamin Hornigold) and the ship (the ranger). How did you describe the captain and the ship in your noun phrases.             


Today we have had a fun day talking about pirates and learning new things about them too. We have all discussed about what we know about pirates and then have written about what we think about pirates. We have explored a treasure chest and looked for what treasure it had inside it. Also, we have been creative and done drawings on pirates as well as making pirate hats. Take a look at our pictures and see what we have done.








Special achievements…

Today we have a super star in our class….
Storm-Oasis shows enthusiasm in her learning and was also recognised in our assembly this morning my Mr Satoor for reading an amazing 100 books.
Well done Storm and keep up the great work!