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With the plant sale only a few weeks today, we thought we’d up our game and plants lots more seed So! We planted rocket, beetroot, pepper, lettuce, spring onion and radish seeds. We took care to plant the seeds carefully … Continue reading


Mini beast hunt!

This gallery contains 5 photos.

This afternoon class 2 went on a mini beast hunt, looking at the different creatures we can build homes for. Which mini beasts did you see?

Coordinates and directions

After making our huge treasure map yesterday, we decided to use it to find the treasure! Miss White drew grid lines onto the map and placed a piece of treasure into one of the squares, and it was up to us to guide our friends through to reach the treasure. We used directional words such as left, right, forward and backwards to guide our friends, and some of us had our eyes closed as we were being guided. Did you reach the treasure?



Finding out about pirates!

This morning the receptions have been researching pirates, finding out what they may have eaten and grown on their pirate ships. What do you think pirates may have eaten?                

Beetroot and chocolate muffins!

As we planted beetroot seeds last week, we thought it would be a good idea to use it in our cooking this week. We enjoyed weighing, sifting and mixing the batter, but had to be very careful because the beetroot could dye our hands pink! The year 1s cooked independently this week, using simple instructions to guide them! Did you think they tasted delicious?



Making pirate hats

One of our independent activities today was following instructions to make pirate hats. We found it quite tricky to start with but we got the hang of it when we looked at the pictures. Did you make a pirate hat? … Continue reading

Outdoor learning

It has been such a bright sunshiny day today so we made the most of it by being outside fir our learning. We wrote instructions about how to make boats and sharks and put these in order as well as finding all the things we need to be a pirate, and checked to see how heavy everything was altogether. What was the heaviest thing you found?

Planting and growing

We have been planting cucumbers and beetroot ready for sale at our table at the plant sale. We were very careful to plant them carefully and put only 1 seed in a pot! What do you want to grow?


Pirate poem

We have been looking at our class pirate poem this week, thinking about what the words mean, what sound effects could be in there and making things to show the poem. What’s your favourite part of the poem?



Visiting our library

Class 2 and class 4 both visited the library together today to have a story and some quiet time. Why do we need to be quiet in a library?