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Delicious school dinners

We have all been enjoying Chef Craig’s school dinners this week.





Amazing flapjacks!

At Wombridge Primary School we are very lucky to have flapjacks every single day! A while ago, class 2 made some flapjacks and found that they have sugar in them. Although we know we can’t eat too much sugar, we know flapjacks are good for us and even help us to learn!! Do you know why flapjacks are helping us to learn? What is in them that is so amazing? Write a comment below.



Farming Friday

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We noticed that the Gruffalo had lots of fruit but no healthy sandwich in his lunch box. We thought about our favourite sandwich fillings and learned about what was healthy. We then made our own sandwiches and had a taste. … Continue reading

Where does it grow?

As part of our farming award we have been learning about healthy fruit. Today we tasted pineapple and it was delicious. Can you find out where pineapples grow?