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Amazing flapjacks!

At Wombridge Primary School we are very lucky to have flapjacks every single day! A while ago, class 2 made some flapjacks and found that they have sugar in them. Although we know we can’t eat too much sugar, we know flapjacks are good for us and even help us to learn!! Do you know why flapjacks are helping us to learn? What is in them that is so amazing? Write a comment below.


Subtraction soldiers

The reception children have been using the toy soldiers to learn how to subtract. We can now use words like ‘less’, ‘take away’, ‘subtract’ and ‘left’ when taking away.



Cleaning up the hospital

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We found out that when Florence Nightingale arrived in Scutari the hospital was filthy and many soldiers were dying there. Florence cleaned it up and got rid of all the rats. We made our own hospital and acted out Florence … Continue reading

Counting in 10s

Some of the year 1s have been busy learning to count in 10s and use this to add and subtract 10 to and from a 2 digit number.




Princess beans?

We found some beans in the garden and when we opened them up we found they were pink and purple. The children were excited as they had never seen beans this colour beans before, they wondered if they were princess beans!




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  This week we have been talking about, copying and creating our own patterns. We have been out and about noticing patterns in the environment as well as creating our own patterns. Some of us have moved on to repeating patterns … Continue reading


The Wombridge Time Machine!

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Today Mr Satoor invited us to go into the time machine. We were very excited and really hoped it would take us back to London in 1605. Some of us were a bit nervous but it was brilliant! The time … Continue reading

Why did Guy Fawkes want to kill the King?

We have been learning about life in 1605. We now know that the Catholic people felt persecuted by the King and his religious rules. We explored how it felt to be persecuted, we didn’t like it. We pretended that all this group of children weren’t allowed to sit on the carpet. They went off to plot their revenge, just like Guy Fawkes and his friends.


The forgotten pumpkin

We found a pumpkin in the mud kitchen that had been left over the holidays. We noticed it was now soggy and a different colour. We talked about decay and how things change over time.